Urbanism and Culture

Over the years, social urbanism was laid by the two main Programs: Zionist program and the modernist program. The Zionist movement Israel, sought to establish a new society based on Manual labor and agricultural settlement.

The Fourth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics

The Fourth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics – Territory and Identity: Between Ceramics and Architecture The Fourth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics -Territory and Identity: Between Ceramics and Architecture offers a platform for a critical look at Israel’s identity by way of its cultural strata and the processes of its formation within conditions of a continuing conflict around the issue of the …

Dwelling in Green

The solo exhibition ‘Dwelling in Green – Towards Sustainable Regionalism’ that was held at ZeZeZe gallery, dealt with the role of local architecture in an era sustainability.


Space, Language, Representation, Dynamic Rapid metamorphoses are happening in the world of today. The hierarchical, status-based, organized, familiar world is giving way to a dynamic world, rich in interpretations and multi channels that are scattered over the globe. The new bonds that are being created are colourful and range from temporary and random to focused and precise. Essential and powerful …

Sustainable Architecture – Towards Holistic Approach

Environmental issues, which in recent years are a major part of the architectural discourse, strengthening the role of design as an integral part of processes of social, cultural, political and technological development. The book contains a selection of articles and is part of the ongoing expansion of the environmental discussion out of a desire to emphasize and highlight the importance …

Urban Angiogenesis I BIO Smart City 3.0

BIO Smart City 3.0 is a dynamic installation presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. The work applies the biological process of angiogenesis – through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing ones – in order to explore new methods of preventing urban over-densification.

Fields of Tomorrow

Fileds of Tommorow Toward a New Modernity Edited by David Knafo Fast urbanization in last decades, has created hundreds of megalopolises and nourished the economic and cultural globalization. In the beginning of 21st century, we live in a global village where, countries and societies have joined the global movement, adopting western lifestyle and consumerism culture, exposing earth to its physical …

National fire and rescue campus

The national fire and rescue organization built its new headquater in Rishon Lezion. A large campus that integrate all its central units and functions. The book expose the ideas and spirit of a unique place where fire fighters get there trainings and professional culture to pursue there duties.

Urban Regeneration 360°

‘Urban Regeneration 360°’ book contains a collection of articles and innovative design alternatives addressing urban sustainability and regeneration.