Space, Language, Representation, Dynamic
Rapid metamorphoses are happening in the world of today. The hierarchical, status-based, organized, familiar world is giving way to a dynamic world, rich in interpretations and multi channels that are scattered over the globe. The new bonds that are being created are colourful and range from temporary and random to focused and precise. Essential and powerful connections are created, opposite momentary ones, which are shallow and addictive. Intellectual connections, deep and destined, are created along with of a culture of nonsense and ranting. Relationships between people get a new interpretation. The new self expression is ‘clippy’, fast and graphic. The network enables one to wear and take off personalities, change identities, and retain many characters at the same time. A new language is being developed and self representation is receiving a new shape.
Throughout history, the Agora, the town square has been the place for sharing information, exchanging ideas and forming the opinion of the audience. The street has played a central role as a meeting place for the local community. Home has been the place for the first relationship circle, the family – blood relationships.
Direct connections with people are sensorial: sight, hearing, smell and physical touch. The transfer, from face-to-face to fibrous communication, is redefining our space. From a real physical space to an infinite virtual space and from the monovalent space of our physical being, at a certain point in time, to a multichannel space that is changing our familiar dimension of memory from sequence to simultaneous.

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