Tel Aviv University Law Faculty Entrance Wing

Tel Aviv, Israel

Program: Auditorium, administrative offices, classrooms, rooftop cafeteria and a green roof
Client: Tel Aviv University
Area:  1,900 sqm
Status: Competition Finalists 2015

The proposed building will offer a continuity façade along the planned South Walkway and will make a significant architectural contribution to the campus’s south entrance design. The current Faculty of Law consists of three different building each with its own style and design. Designing a new entrance building creates an opportunity to create an architectural connection between the varies buildings. The new entrance building will define a clear, respectful and inviting entrance into the faculty. The entrance building consists of three departments: atrium, classroom and office structure, and a green roof cafeteria.

The atrium structure is a transparent glass box that symbolizes “legal transparency”. This area will serve as a space for meetings . The atrium will bridge the two entrance levels to the existing building and will be a central meeting point in the building. The classroom and office structure is planned on a lower level where it allows a natural connection to the existing parking level , with future parking in mind. The roof of the entrance building is designed as a green roof with an outdoor cafeteria, as a benefit to the welfare of the students. A future addition of about 1000 square meters is proposed on the roof of the existing building and its construction will be possible at a reasonable cost and high accessibility.