Nachlat Elite Neighborhood

Rishon Le’Zion, Israel

Program: 3,800 dweling units
Client: Rishon Le’Zion Municipality
Area: 622,000 sqm

The “Nahalat Illit” project in Rishon LeZion was designed to provide a solution to the evacuation-construction project being conducted in Ramat Eliyahu. In order to create a future neighborhood in Ramat Eliahu with reasonable densities, it was decided to channel some of the residents of the neighborhood to Nahalat Illit, which together with new families will form the base of the new neighborhood.

The Nahalat Illit project will consist of approximately 4,500 housing units with a total area of ​​approximately 622 dunams, located between Highway 4 in the west and Derekh HaYovel in the east.

The future neighborhood will be connected on an urban level to the neighborhoods Nahalat Tzafon to the east and Nahalat West to the south. On its western side, an urban park will be constructed, with a total area of ​​150 dunams, which will provide an answer to the regional runoff drainage problems. The urban planning of the neighborhood is based on the pedestrian and residential complexes designed with a communal approach. This approach emphasizes the special connection between the person and his environment and the creation of a sense of place and a unique urban identity. The separation of the vehicles from the pedestrians allows free movement and therefore creates a high accessibility to the public institutes, the park as well as the adjacent neighborhoods.

The residential buildings offered in the construction are mostly designed at the height of 6-8 floors and in a mix of apartment sizes, ranging from apartments of 80 square meters to 120 square meters, allowing the development of a heterogeneous community. In the center of the neighborhood a commercial avenue is planned with mixed uses of residential, commercial, employment and leisure.

The Nahalat Illit neighborhood offers a new planning concept, with an emphasis on green and community building, at the center of which is the pedestrian. Nahalat Illit will serve as an example of the special connection between man and his natural and urban environment.