Dwelling Fragments – Summer Pavillion

Ramat Gan, Israel

Program: Temporary Art Pavilion
Client: Museum of Israeli Art
Status: Completed 2010

Now in the country, n.81, May 2010

Dwelling Fragments Catalogue

The living space is defined as one of man’s most intimate skins and as such is a mirror of our lifestyle and reflects the way we comprehend the world. The culture of the dwelling in its broadest meaning, the way we build our living environment, goes beyond style. In an era of change, culture shifts between tradition and innovation, homogeneous and diverse, the individual and unique and the generic. We find ourselves in the process of defining our place amidst the notion of a local identity and belonging and redefinitions of global identities that have been created by the new “Glocal” culture. This interface, in combination with the values of social and environmental existence and through future technological innovations, will create a different culture of dwelling that will enable the renewed integration of man, ethics and environment.