Urban Sea

Jerusalem, Israel

Program: urban innovations competition
Client: Administration of Planning, Israel

The project creates a ‘sea experience’ in an urban square in the heart of Jerusalem, far from the coast. The project includes a minimum water level wading pool. The pool is composed of ‘islands’ built of white concrete and smoothed with ‘topography’ adapted for sitting or stretching. The diverse topography allows you to find a variety of activities for individuals, couples or groups.┬áThe project offers a different place in the city, which provides an opportunity for different types of informal urban activities experiences: social gatherings, a playground for children, a resting point, an opportunity to read a book or browse. Comfort conditions are a key factor in inviting and quality living in the public space. The place is shaded by the colorful ‘sunshades’ used as both shading and desert cooler by dispersing water fragments into the air that contribute to its cooling. The concepts of enlightenment and urban commentary are expressed in the city commentary by creating an active place that encourages activity in the public space and enlightening the city, in the literal sense, through the illumination of the umbrellas and the hidden light that emits at night in the intersections of the topography folds.

Materials: smoothed white concrete, stainless steel umbrellas, LED lighting Size: 2500x1500x300 cm