Victory Monument

Netania, Israel

Program: monument marking the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany
Client: Keren HaYesod
COR-TEN and Glass , 33X7X38 m

The Second World War is infamous as the largest and most bloodshed war in human history. A wars political outcome is always overshadowed by the aftermath of pain, misery and destruction inflicted on its victims.
The monuments intention is to narrate a message of hope by a symbolic contrast between the painful historic outcomes of the war with the prospect of a brighter future born from the depths of despair.
Stemming from the regional sandstone, this Corten steel monument has a simple clean geometry exterior, sharing little of its eventful interiors. The monuments` internal intricacy is designed to resemble a deep trench symbolizing the rift and loss of humanity along with the complexity of its outcome.
The monument is situated to capture the sunset, the very same sunset that symbolizes the descent of the injustices of war and the ascent of hope and peace for generations to come.