Free Spirit Instillation

Old City of Jerusalem , Israel

Honorable mention
by Jerusalem Development Authority and Israeli Architects Association

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ArcHeb – Honorable mention in competitions

Tzahal City Square is a unique meeting place of the old city of Jerusalem on Jaffa street: the ancient road connecting Jerusalem with the west. The square is a junction point of the old and the modern city, past and present layers and diverse cultures. This sensitive place of multi-cultural experience is seeking a spirit of freedom, reconciliation and brotherhood. The sculpture, “Free Spirit”, suggests a connection between people and meaningful places. The installation highlights our temporary existence in this world, and the transience and fragility of our being. The recognition that a light gust of wind, both in the physical and human aspect, can determine individual’s and society’s unique culture and history, strengthen the importance of seeking to create an island of tolerance, a place of peace and an area of acceptance and recognition of the other.

Materiel: Steel, aluminum, glass, 28X15X13 m’.