Sigora Neighborhood

Tibilisi, Georgia

Program: Urban Planning
Client: Sigora Municipatily
Area: 925,000 sqm
Status: Complete 2011

The Kishigura neighborhood is close vicinity to the city of Tbilisi and located on a moderate hill overlooking the capital. The neighborhood plan is divided between the slopped area and the plateau on the top. The sloped area is characterized by terraced buildings while the plateau at the top of the hill is characterized by high rise building, while in its center is planned an integrated complex of mixed uses, including housing, employment, public buildings and a commercial center. The neighborhood offers 7 housing models. Intense green areas are planned in the neighborhood, which are connected to areas in the extensive open spaces surrounding the neighborhood. Within the neighborhood, there are a number of buildings that need to be preserved; these buildings are integrated into the proposed plan.