Caesarea North Park

Caesarea, Israel

Program: high tech park
Client: The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation
Area: 396,000 sqm
Status: Planning

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This is a proposal for a comprehensive design of the northern part of the Caesarea business and industrial park. The design focuses on creating an active park center while enabling programmatic variety to allow marketing flexibility. The design is modular and allows for phased development according to market requirements. In the center of the complex, a central square has been designed that includes a medical, commercial and leisure complex that allows additional functions to enter the complex.

The program has come to address many high-tech companies that find their place in the unique park. With regard to the characteristics of the population, the design emphasizes a plan with high architectural quality. There are open areas of high development that offer a balance between the workplace and at the same time offer a healthy lifestyle.