Yishai Commercial Center

Ramat Yishai, Israel

Program: Commercial center
Client: Saviv Investments ltd.
Area: 6,500 sqm
Status: Completed 1997

Natural environmental center – Itzuv 34, December 1997, pg 8-9

Yishai – Commercial Center presents a new interpretation of rural urban space, designated not only as a shopping center but rather a place of gathering and cultural activities as well. ┬áLocated within a community, Yishai Center, offers the residents commercial areas and social urban activities, manifested in the design of squares and piazzas for meeting and enjoying outdoor activities close to nature, as well as shaded spaces. There’s a direct relation between the commercial and urban activity and the scenic natural environment that complements the life style of the citizens in Ramat Yishai..

Yishai Center as a one floor building allows comfortable access on foot or by car. It was designed as a friendly building, open to nature and greenery. This is an attempt to present a commercial center as a public building that forms a social and urban focal point. The selection of materials and shapes such as the arcades, passageways, roofs and facades creates a rural character of the building in its environment connected to the landscape and local value.