Arena Mall

Herzliya, Israel

Program: Market, High-Tech complex and Rooftop Park
Client: Reality Investment fund
Status: Proposal

The Arena project chooses to emphasize an open relationship with the sea, marina and boardwalk. This project is an attempt to redefine the existing Arena Mall in Herzliya Pituah. The structure of the shopping mall located at the front of the marina, with residential towers and a hotel, asks for a renewed definition which matches the changes in the patterns in the area. Our proposal for the building includes transforming significant areas into high-tech employment areas on the upper floor, and turning the commercial areas on the lower floor into an up-to-date, multi-purpose market, based on open stands and exhibition spaces and less traditional shops.

In order to increase the efficiency of the work areas, open courtyards within the canyon space were designed to penetrate natural light, vegetation and create immediate contact between the work areas and the outside. In addition, the desolate roof areas were designed to constitute available outdoor spaces and will form a continuum with the work and office areas on the second floor of the mall.