Techno Mali


Program: Techno Mali
Client: World ORT
Area: 15,600 sqm

The Techno Mali project was planned to be built in Bamako- the capital of Mali which is nearby the town center. The project that is funded by the World Bank, seeks to educate the next generation with information regarding the Industry field, including all it’s aspects. Techno Mali, as an academic institution will be managed by an international teaching network, will train Software and Computer Science technicians and engineers. The project includes classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls and a library. Adjacent to the educational institute is planned to be built a technological center. This center will be run by international companies who will assist with the manpower that will be trained at the Technological Institute for the development of a local high-tech industry. In addition, the academic project will establish an auditorium and a congress center that will form a link between the scientific institution and the city’s cultural activity. The Techno Mali project, located in the center of the city, will serve as an attraction for the business community and will contribute significantly to the image of the city that seeks to connect to the global and technological world. The central municipal square around which the project is being built will also house a hotel that will be built privately and will serve the visitors and guests of the center. The scope of the project is 15,600 sqm and will be built in stages over the coming years.