Maalot Music Conservatory

Maalot Tarshiha, Israel

Program: Recital hall, classrooms & administration
Client: the Sakta-Rashi Fund
Area: 1,500 sqm
Status: Completed 2004

Project Awards

Klil Industries – Award for excellence in public building design, 2008

AI – Architecture of Israel – Project of the Year 2006-7 , third prize

Maalot Tarshisha conservatory is a place for music and enchantment.The conservatory is installed on a hill in the midst of town where it can view the urban city`s landscape on one hand, and the idyllic wood-hills of the Galilee on the other.

This music center, above all, is a meeting place, a place of creation and inspiration, a place where people live in picturesque landscapes.

The population in the city is a unique mixture of arab and jewish inhabitants and newcomers from the recent years.

Beyond being a place for the savoring of sounds and melodies this center is also a place for a fertilizing multi-cultural debate and exchange of ideas while maintaining the mutual respect of people and traditions.

The ethnic and cultural encounters create an exceptional opportunity to bring together different kinds of cultures, languages and aspirations.

The architecture of this structure was inspired by this community and was designed to crystallize it in its spaces and facades.

The building is a composition of glass and stone boxes roofed by aluminum panels holding each-other as a human chain in a dance-circle. This “dance of the boxes” is an expression of the tectonic dynamism and musical orchestration.

The building in its surroundings communicates its hospitality, tolerance and good-will.