Artist Gallery

Ashdod, Israel

Program: Art Gallery and City Archives
Area: 2,400 sqm
Client: Ashdod Municipality
Status: Completion 2015


Ashdod Art Gallery and Visitors Center is a unique project that contains an exhibition space, a visitors center, and a documentation and research hall. The visitors center is a gateway to the city, which was born immediately after the establishment of the state and holds the Israeli Zionist spirit – a multi-cultural social melting pot. The Visitors Center presents the city’s history and the unique character of the young Mediterranean city by means of advanced technologies. The Municipal Documentation Division serves as a host to research and studies of the fascinating chapter of the Zionist vision of building a pluralistic democratic society in Israels egalitarian, in a modern city that is open and tolerant.

The building is the first environmental public building in Israel. The building is equipped with solar systems that are integrated within a geothermal system, which provides most of the energy needed for its operationThe building is a beacon of sustainable architecture, with the public and private sector alike. Furthermore, the building sets an example for the establishment of a smart ecological public building, that will benefit future generations.