Twist Tower

Tel Aviv, Israel

Program: Housing, hotel & commerce
Client: AFB Investment
Area: 7,000 sqm
Status: Proposal 2008

The term “ecological footprint” defines the biological capacity of the land needed for a person`s subsistence, to satisfy his needs and to absorb the waste he creates. This parameter is an important clue to our lifestyle and level of consumption. The latest comparisons show a difference of 8:1 between the ecological footprint of industrialized nations and third world countries. This parameter emphasizes the need to reduce ground space for building in favor of open spaces, and the advantage of urban planning which promotes mixed-use areas, high–rise buildings and a higher population destiny in the city.

Twist Tower offers a variety of functions, including residence, workspaces, commerce, community facilities, and urban agriculture. Exterior garden spaces, combined with the community areas lie in between the floors, creating places for leisure and relaxation. The gardens function as a green lung within the towers.

The building blocks are horizontally terraced so as to maximize the south exposure. A solar energy system is installed in the primary south façade and a “green basin” water purification system is installed in the secondary south façade. Both elements provide shade in summer and enable harnessing of solar energy during winter. To the west, a vertical shading system is inserted to adjust to the low angles of the sun while allowing natural ventilation. Yet more ventilation is provided by the space between the tower`s two masses west to east.

Twist Tower demonstrates how technology is harnessed to provide creative solutions for using a clever use of resources, to create a place where ecological issues in the singular building as well as the urban context, virtually intertwine to give meaning to sustainable urbanism.