Tomorrow – Israel Pavilion

Expo Dubai 2020

Winning entry

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Client: Israel ministry of foreign affairs
Area: 2,030 sqm
Status: Completed 2021


    Dubai is a vibrant city, with a unique urban landscape and an exceptional variety of communities, languages and traditions, coexisting harmoniously.

    “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Expo Dubai 2020, will present an international festive of architecture and technology in a welcoming atmosphere.
    The Israeli pavilion in Expo Dubai is conceived in the spirit of sharing knowledge and technology achievements and celebrating tradition and cultural identities. Israel, a leading nation in technology, has transformed the desert into blooming fields.
    The Israeli pavilion will serve as a platform for exhibiting achievements in various fields: health care, high-tech, scientific, agricultural and ecological innovations.
    Inspired by the regional landscape, the Israel pavilion presents a “sand dune” covered with a fragmented shed. An outdoor space on top of the “dune”, is shaded and cooled by sprinkler system. The open outdoor space invites all visitors to climb and enjoy casual meetings, social activities and participate in various interactive shows. The shows will be projected on large vertical led screens, covering the interior surfaces of the shed.
    Seven tall gates standing in a row, symbolizing the seven branches of the “Menora” – the symbol of the state of Israel, will form the shed, offering seven gates to the future.
    Visitors can walk on the dune surface, underneath which there are offices, a multipurpose hall and a main experience hall.
    In the main hall, a multimedia show with a display of kinetic mirrors will offer a multisensory experience in which the audience is an active participant. The show will encourage unity among individuals and communities to shape a common vision.
    The Israeli pavilion with its welcoming spaces on the dune and in the indoor exhibition hall will invite visitors from all nationalities to celebrate a moment of joy, sharing hope for a better future to the planet and humankind.

    Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Head of operation: AVS, Malki Shem Tov, CEO
    Knafo Klimor Architects: David Knafo, Jonathan Meiri, Artem Verkhovsky
    Structure: I. Shani Engineers
    Energy: Vishkin Planning Inc
    Electricity: A.n.a Engineering