Emergency Center

Ra’anana, Israel

Program: police station, fire station, Magen David Adom station and emergency warehouses
Client: Ra’anana city council
Area: 9,200 sqm
Status: Proposal

The Ra’anana Emergency Center has 11,000 people, including the following organizations: Fire Department, Magen David Adom, Police and the City Center. The emergency center will coordinate the work of the security forces and the forces in the field and will display maximum control during emergencies. The emergency center is located at a central crossroad, so that it can provide an efficient and accessible response in all situations. The architectural design of the building emphasizes the presence of each emergency body separately. At the foot of the building is a municipal square for civic activity and gatherings for the welfare of the residents. The building was designed according to the principles of green construction and meets the Israeli green standard.