Afek School

Kiryat Bialik, Israel

Program: High School
Client: Kiryat Bialik municipality
Area:  11,180 sqm
Status: Planning

The school is designed as a single building with a total area of ​​11,180 sqm. The school includes 48 classrooms that are arranged like three houses that are each connected by an amphitheater to the central linear “heart| of the project. The design challenges the common approach of school planning as a separate two-stage structure for separating the junior high and the high school.

The Efek School offers a new design approach by creating a shared space that connects all age groups and serves as a platform for knowledge and curiosity. This space forms the “beating heart” of the project and is designed as a street with transparent walls allowing one to into the science and arts rooms. Spread out in this space is the school library. Furthermore, throughout the school there have been designed a wide range of study area, formal and informal, for individual work and group activities.