About Knafo Klimor Architects
Seven Points for Sustainable Regionalism

Humanistic Approach
Architecture, above all, is a social discipline in the service of the individual and the collective. It carries great responsibility for the creation of humanistic environment in the design of public and private spaces.
Identity and Regionalism
Architecture reflects the cultural identity of a community. By its appearance and vocabulary architecture engraves the spiritual values of a people in its collective memory. Architecture- as a way of communication maintains a permanent dialogue with the language of the people. In our case Hebrew as a language creates a unique space for invention and development of the Israeli Architecture.
Limitation of earth resources drives us into necessity for redefining our living spaces and mode of life. Green architecture raises a challenge for the creation of new building programs and urban orders. Today architects have the privilege to participate in redesigning our environment.
Technology and Tradition
Implementation of technology innovations is essential to the development of architecture. But on the same time preservation of valuable traditions is crucial to the continuous evolution of civilization. Therefore new interpretations of historical heritage must be in the basis of architectural conception.
Rational Globalization
The globalization movement leads to an international uniform culture based on western values threatening existing traditions and languages. Freedom tolerance and compassion are essential to preserve the richness of human heritages. Rational globalization is needed to create a smooth integration and assimilation of new invention in contemporary life.
Utopia as a Generator for Change
Since the early ages utopia was behind historical changes and revolutions. In architecture as in urban planning utopia was the generator behind the change of conceptions and orders. Utopia will remain the lighthouse to follow in recreating the way of living, the way of building.
New Urbanism for a Better Life
Half of earth population live in the cities and challenge its nature, shape and identity. In an era of sustainability and high technology urbanism has to invent new forms of gathering and physical orders for hosting human activities and for designing a better life.


Knafo Klimor Architects founded by David Knafo and Tagit Klimor in 1980, operates from 2 branches in Tel Aviv and in Haifa with a diverse staff including architects, urbanists and designers.
In over 28 years of practice, the firm has been responsible for the design of a wide variety of numerous large-scale projects in the highest standard:
· Public and institutional buildings
· Education and sports facilities
· Industrial and hi-tech plants
· Commercial complexes and office buildings
· Neighborhoods and residential buildings
· Urban design and town planning

Among the firm`s clients are government offices and local authorities, private developers and construction companies. The strength of the firm is based on its commitment to building lasting relationship with its clients.

Knafo Klimor Architects is pursuing excellence in design and invention of new architectural expressions. Comprehensive approach, involvement throughout all phases of the design and construction process has consistently resulted in award-winning prizes for the firm`s professional achievements.
Much of the work has been published in professional magazines worldwide, and has been exhibited in numerous galleries and architectural institutions.
Knafo Klimor Architects is committed for:
· Humanistic approach in design
· Preservation of natural resources
· Development of sustainable architecture
· Development of sustainable regionalism
· Preservation of a community identity within rational globalization

Both partners David Knafo and Tagit Klimor have been teaching for several years in the Technion Institution in Haifa, as senior professors.



2016 Rakafot Elementary, Kiryat Bialik, Award for Outstanding Project in buildings Category, by Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers
2016 Rakafot Elementary, Kiryat Bialik, Project of the Year Award by “Architecture of Israel” (AI), second Prize
2016 Rakafot Elementary, Kiryat Bialik, RTFSA Award in Institutional (Built) category, by Re-thinking the Future,  third Prize
2016 Rakafot Elementary, Kiryat Bialik, Design Award by the Design Award Association
2014 Honorary Fellowship for the year 2014, The Israeli Association of United Architects
2014 Israel Pavilion, Expo 2015 Italy, Winning proposal, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2013 Port Campus, Haifa, Eilon Award for Urban Architecture, City of Holon
2013 Ramot Elementary, Beer Sheva, Municipality Beer Sheva
2012 Carmel Academic Center , Haifa, Pinchas Ayalon prize for Urban Architecture ,Award by Holon municipality
2012 “City Gate” of Rishon Lezion competition, Municipality of Rishon LeZion, First Prize
2011 Carmel Academic Center, Haifa, Emilio Ambasz Award for Green Project of the Year, Award by Architecture of Israel (AI), Third Prize
2011 Carmel Academic Center, Haifa, Project of the Year, Award by Domus Israel, First Prize
2011 Ashdod Academic Center, Ashdod Municipality, First Prize
2011 Ramot Neighborhood, Beer-Sheva, Israel Defence Force, Winning Entry
2010 Jerusalem Urban Installations, Tzahal City Square, Honorable mention, Israeli Architects Association
2009 Academic Library and Memorial the Ruppin Academic Center, “Five Best Architects in 2009”, Award of Excellence in Public Building Design Category, by “Binyan Vediur”
2009 Waterfront Promenade, Ashdod Municipality, Second prize
2009 Ashdod Artist Gallery, Ashdod Municipality, Winning Entry
2008 Expo Shanghai World 2010, Competition Finalists, Construction of the Israeli Pavilion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2008 Porter School of Environment Studies competition, Honorable mention
2008 The Transparent House , Public Building Design, Award for Excellence, by “Klil Industries LTD”
2008 Megilat Or Synagogue Caesarea, Project of the Year Award by “Architecture of Israel” (AI)
2007 “Agro-Housing”, Wuhan, China, Winning Entry in an International Architecture Competition
2007 Andromada Sculpture Jaffa Port, Finalist in Competition
2006 Caesarea Hi-Tech Park, The Caesarea Development Company, Competition Winners
2006 Halal Saf Installation Competition, Tel Aviv Port, Competition Winner
2006 Maalot Conservatory, Project of the Year Award by “Architecture of Israel”(AI), Third Prize
2006 “Urban Life” Haifa, Engineering Administration Square, Haifa, Competition Winners
2005 “Megilat Or” Synagogue, Caesarea, Competition Winners
2000 Residence Towers, Sapir, Haifa,The Quality Prize by Haifa Municipality
1999 Academic Library and Memorial the Ruppin Academic Center, Competition Winners
1998 Sapir Hieghts in Haifa, Housing Design Award of Best Design, Competition Winners
1997 Sports Hall at “Shoam”, Merhav 97 Citation Award, Israeli Architects Association
1995 “Misgav” Culture Center, The Israeli Architects Association Award
1991 Sapir Heights, Haifa, Shikun Ovdim, Winning Entry
1985 The Public Place in the Kibbutz , The “Musa Harif” Award


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2012 Agro-Living Super- Super City, Video-Art Festival, Moscow, Russia
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2012 Earth Echoes, Ceramic Sculpture, Wilfrid Museum, HaZore’a, 30.3-1.8.2012
curators: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi and Anat Turbowicz
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2007 The Israeli Embassy in Paris – Rehabilitation and reconstruction & Churches Path Kfar Cana – two case studies, “Conservation of historic buildings and sites – from study to realization“, The third assembly for the preservation of construction heritage, Acre.
2006 Haifa Police Headquarters, Neot Geriatric Hospital & Eco Housing, “Haifachtura“, Kastra, Haifa.
2006 Ruppin Library and Memorial, “The Green Campus“, Beit Berl college.
2006 The Churches Street – Kfar Cana, “Our streets“, Merhav, Tel Aviv Port.
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