18/12/2014 "Sustainable Architecture - Towards Holistic Approach" I book edited by Tagit Klimor  

The book which was published recently is a collection of essays focusing on environmental issues with an emphasis on holistic and social aspects. Those essays, by Tagit and her Graduate and undergraduate students, from the faculty of Architecture and Town planning at the Technion, make this important theme accessible both for professionals and the general public. downloud the full book view blog

03/12/2014 "Forum on the bar" event I Lecture by David Knafo  

David will give a lecture at the opening of "Forum on the bar" and will present the process of designing the Israeli pavilion at the Expo 2015.  for more information

11/9/2014 International Architecture and Urban Design School in Piacanza I Lecture by David Knafo   

David will give a lecture presenting the idea of "Expo as a vehicle for a New Modernity". The lecture will discuss the issue of food shortage and food safety, through the Israeli pavilion for Expo Milan 2015. View project

9/9/2014 The Israeli annual green building conference I lecture by David Knafo  

David will present the Israeli Pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015, addressing the Expo's main issue - " Feeding the Planet Energy for Life". View project

3/9/2014 Artist House in Ashdod I Article   

The building, now under construction, is covered in 'Haaretz' newspaper. The house is a part of a larger development with additional program of Sustainability Center, representing Ashdod Municipality's commitment to the environment. The project is expected to receive LEED GOLD certification. View link

29/4/2014 LEED Gold for Kfar Saba Elementary School   

Completed in 2012, The Kfar Saba Elementary School granted LEED Gold Certification. The 3,450 sqm building with its 18 classes, science and technology rooms, administration and etc. uses different technologies (Green roofs, Geothermal systems, Water collection and Micro-Climate by vegetation) as part of its environmental theme. View project

25/6/2014 Green Building-Comprehensive approach | Lecture by Tagit Klimor   

As part of promoting Green Building in Israel, Tagit will discuss the implantation of green building in the local councils planning process. The lecture is part of an ongoing course for planners and officials in various local authorities organized by the Israeli Green Building Council. View link

18/6-27/7/2014 Devouringness, 'City Lights' Art Exhibition, The City of Modiin   

Tagit's art installation, 'Devouringness' will be presented in Modiin City Hall as part of the city art initiative 'City Light'. The installation emphasizes the decay of nature as a result of man-made actions and confronts us with the remaining absence. View project

22/05/2014 The Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) awarded Tagit Klimor and David Knafo an Honorary Fellowship for the year 2014   

The award was granted for an outstanding professional contribution in architecture and urban planning. View award

22/05/2014 Tha Israeli Architectural Association Conference on Future Cities, Lecture by Tagit Klimor   

Tagit will discuss the topic of Fantasy and Ideology in Designing the City of the Future by reviewing some of the main urban design approaches and presenting a vision for the Sustainable Future City from a philosophical point of view. View site  View invitation

22/05/2014 Tha Israeli Architectural Association Conference on Future Cities, Lecture by David Knafo   

David will present the idea of Split Level, Multi Center City, and multifunctional structures in urban spaces. Formulation of new patterns and new urban order, which will meet the accelerated urbanization and new communities. View site  View invitation

21/05-08/06/2014 'Matkot' - lo mas israeli | Israel Culture Week, the city of Oviedo, Spain   

Tagit was selected to take part in an art exhibition that tells the story of the 'Matkot' - The most Israeli game'. View site

13/05/2014 'Green Roofs' conference, The Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bet Dagan, Israel   

Tagit will present the concept of Vertical Urban Agriculture and will take part in the panel that discusses the potential of green roofs as edible landscape.  View invitation

29/04/14 LEED Gold for 'Zuriel' Elementary School   

Completed in 2013, 'Zuriel' Elementary School granted LEED Gold Certification. The 3,300 sqm building with 18 classes, science and technology rooms, administration and etc., is located in the city of Rishon Lezion, Israel. View project

10/4/14 'Green Thoughts' Exhibition in 'Architect House' Gallery | Knafo Klimor Architects - Participants   

Dealing with the subject of Sustainable Architecture in Israel of 2014, the exhibition addresses the concepts of 'Green Building', 'Sustainable Architecture' and 'Local Ecology' by presenting diverse projects, and creating a discussion as part of the topic's evolving discourse. View invitation View site

30/4/14-10/7/14 Living Green in Israel Competition | Tagit Klimor invited judge   

Tagit Klimor was appointed for the judging panel of the 'Green Living in Israel' competition. The competition is sponsored by Keren Kayemeth Le'Israel - Jewish national fund, in collaboration with the Israeli Council for Green building. The objective of the competition is to raise architectural and public awareness for sustainable living and to promote a creative discussion on the topic. Two of the winning proposals will be constructed and will function as sustainable architecture information centers. View site

18/02/14 Competition Winner - Israeli Pavilion, Fields of Tomorrow, Expo 2015, Milan   

We are proud to announce that 'Knafo Klimor Architects' proposal for the Expo Milan 2015 has won the design competition for the Israeli pavilion. The 1,000 sqm building, titled 'Fields of Tomorrow' reflects the theme of the Expo: 'Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life'. View pictures

09/01-22/02/14 Sketchbooks - Sketch and Drawing Books by Israeli Architects in ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery | Participant by David Knafo    

Participants in the exhibition represent a delection of architects currently working in Israel who have agreed to provide a glimpse into their most personal working tool. They all have one in common, their choice of the sketchbook, used to collect and preserve their thoughts and ideas. View site

20/02/14 The 12th Annual Conference for Open Ends Planning by The Israeli Planners Association (IPA) I Lecture by Tagit Klimoror   

Tagit will discuss the subject of "Cyber and the City". The lecture will present the relationship between the Web and creation of online communities in urban realm. View program View Invention

01/01/14 Happy new year!!   

Knafo Klimor Architects wishes you all a happy new year!