2-3/12/13 The 54th Annual Conference - for Expanding the Horizons in Geography by The Israeli Geographical Association I Lecture by Tagit Klimor

The lecture will focus about the concept of urban agriculture as a holistic approach that embodies environmental and cultural valuas.Tagit will present the potential of integrating agriculture in buildings and urban spaces.  View program

 25/11/13 The 4th Annual Conference - for Green Building and Sustainable Design I Lecture by David Knafo

The conference is about sustainability and the connection between man, building and environment. David will discuss the "Vertical Community in a Multi-Level City". View program   View site

 7/11/13 Opening of Netanya Train Station Eastern Terminal

Inauguration of Netanya Train Station Eastern Terminal, The project is a part of a comprehensive renovation process of the Israeli railway stations. Construction of the station western terminal is due to start at the beginning of 2014.  View Pics

 24/10/13 New Place, New Start 2013 Haifa Office Relocation

We are pleased to announce that we have moved to a new address. You can find us at 2 Ha-Savyonim St, Haifa. Our telephone and fax numbers remain as before.

Tel:+972-4-8243147/ Fax:+972-4-8255466 View map  

 13/10/13 Winter 2013-2014 I Sustainable Architecture -Towards a Holistic Approach

Tagit Klimor will teach a course for green building graduate studies at the Technion. The course will explore theoretical and practical approaches to planning, providing tools which are the basis of architectural solutions in the implementation of green design. The emphasis is on intergrating urban planning, open spaces and building design as one complete system for the examination of future sustainable environment.   View Blog

 9/10/13 1st Lecture in The Series "On The Ground" in ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery I Lecture by David Knafo

The series of lectures "On the Ground" will allow the participants to shate with architects, designers and planners, their impressions ans stories about planning and execution works in process. David will present the Modiin Cultural Center.View program   View event

 7/10/13 The Annual Conference for Science & Environment by The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences I Lecture by Tagit Klimor

Tagit will discuss "Architectural Heritage Conservation as Environmental Value". The lecture will present the advantages of integrating sustainable values with conservation.View program   View site

 29/09/13 Ofek 8 Commercial Building in Caesarea - Cornerstone Ceremony

Caesarea Development Corporation held a ceremony lay the cornerstone for a new building - Ofek 8. The building is part of the Hi-Tech complex composed 3 buildings in the Caesarea Business Park, one of which has already been fully occupied. View site   View Puctures 

 2/09/13 The Annual Conference of the ILGBC- Israel Green Building Council I Lecture by David Knafo

David will discuss the concept of the "healthey Building" and will demonstrate its advantages through Green School in Rishon LeZion as a case study.View invitation  

 1/09/13 Opening of The Zuriel Ecological School

Zuriel elementary school in Rishon LeZion embraced large vegetated courtyard and a variety of open spaces View The School 

 26/07/13 The Italian Conference of Architecrure in The New Millennium I Lecture by David Knafo and Tagit Klimor

The conference is about feeding the planet with sustainable beauty. David will discuss poverty and sustainable urbanism, Tagit will discuss the concept of holistic approach to urban agriculture.   View invitation  View Program View pictures

16/06/13 EarthPulse Land art installation by tagit klimor is completed   

The project has won an international competition to build a contemporary land art installation in Auvergne natural reserve, france.   View EarthPulse blog View competition site

9/05/13 The Israeli Architectural association conference on the rise of the tall buildings | Lecture by Tagit Klimor   

Tagit will discuss the design of tall buildings from an ethical point of view. The lecture will shortly review the development of tall building design and will focus on recent innovative approaches including vertical urbanism, sustainability and computer based design.   View invitation View presentation

14/3/13 Rethinking Fountainhead | Instructed by Tagit Klimor   

Following the new Hebrew edition of the novel by Ayn Rand, Tagit will lead a session discussing the philosophical, literate and legal issues the book arises.   View invatation View recording of the session

1/3/13 The international architecture symposium held within the 2013 woman festival in Holon | Talk by Tagit Klimor   

Tagit will present a framework for a comprehensive approach to urban realm and will share her experience in leading an academic course on the subject, at the Architecture and town planning faculty in the Technion.   View invatation View video

21/2/13 The annual conference of the Israeli Planners Association | lecture by David Knafo   

David will discuss the concept of the "Healthy Building" and will demonstrate its advantages on the recently completed Green School in Kfar Saba.  View invatation   View project 

21/2/13 The annual conference of the Israeli Planners Association | lecture by Tagit Klimor   

Tagit will examine the potential of integrating agriculture within the cities and its long term impacts on human well being  View invatation 

19/2/13 A tour at the green school in Kfar Saba led by David Knafo   

This is an open invitation to join members of Israeli Green Building Council in exploring sustainability aspects of the new school, which is the first LEED gold candidate in Israel. View project  View ILGBC publication

01/01/13 Graduate Exhibition Kkarc participates

Knafo Klimor Architects will participate in the Technion graduate exhibition, celebrating 100 years of the institute contribution to Israeli architecture. MadaTech The Israel National Museum of Science, Haifa   View invatation  

01/01/13 Happy new year!!   

Knafo Klimor Architects wishes you all a happy new year!