30/12/12 Technion graduate exhibition   

Knafo Klimor Architects will participate in the Technion graduate exhibition, celebrating 100 years of the institute contribution to Israeli architecture. MadaTech – The Israel National Museum of Science, Haifa   View invatation 

26/12/12 "The Eylon Prize" for Carmel Academic Center

Knafo Klimor Architects design for Carmel Academic Center has been awarded "The Eylon Prize", Holon municipality prize for urban architecture 2012.  View announcement  View project  View Publication  View PDF

25/12/12 Oranim neighborhood in Maalot - Cornerstone laying ceremony

Oranim neighborhood cornerstone laying ceremony was graced with the presence of Finance Minister Mr. Yuval Steinmetz and Maalot mayor and local government chairman Mr. Shlomo Bohbot. Urban Planning of the neighborhood by Kkarc.

12/12/12 "Rishon Eyalon Gate" urban design competition winner

Knafo Klimor Architects has won the "Rishon Eyalon Gate" urban design competition for the City's Gate. The complex, bridging over Ayalon Highway, suggests transportation hub, mix-use development and recreational and leisure activities.
View project - phase A  View project - phase B   View Publication

22/11/12 Preservation is the New Green!   

Tagit Klimor will speak at the first national convention about heritage and culture preservation in Israel. The talk will focus on the underlying values sustainability and historic preservation share. The case studies will demonstrate the benefits of integrating retrofit with conservation. Yafo Gallery 23, Bezalel academy for art and design, Jerusalem.   View Invitation  View abstact 

25/10/12 New Typologies for Sustainable Cities   

David Knafo will lead a final year architectural design studio in the Technion. The studio will confront the need for new typologies for sustainable cities.


25/10/12 Tagit Klimor will lead an installation design course at the Technion   

The course will introduce the concept of sustainability and related conflicts and innovations. The installations will be planned in the desert town of Mitzpe-Ramon and in co-operation with the local community and municipality and the Israeli tourist office.

View Course blog 

16-18/10/2012 Sustainable Communities and Vertical Urban Agriculture   

Tagit Klimor will lecture at the annual science and environment convention. The lecture will present the concept of urban agriculture as a holistic approach that embodies environmental and cultural values. The potential of integrating agriculture in housing and urban space will be examined and presented by introducing new innovations. Tel Aviv University, 11:00, 17/10/12 Nalagaat center, Yaffo port, 12:15, 05/09/12.

View Invitation  View Interview in Ynet  View abstract

05/09/2012 The Hidden Layers of Urban Realm   

Tagit Klimor will speak at the annual conference of the Israeli green building council. The talk will discuss the possibilities of making sustainable resource efficient cities happen by applying "green layers" over existing "black layers" such as infrastructure and unused urban spaces. Nalagaat center, Yaffo port, 12:15, 05/09/12.   View Invitation    View presentation 

27/08/12 Kkarc - The First Green School - "LEED Gold" Candidate in Israel!   

Kfar Saba students will be learning in a unique environment: natural lit classroom, large vegetated courtyard and a variety of open spaces. Energy conservation has been applied in all aspects of planning and construction including a passive geothermal energy system, integrated radiant system, high performance envelope, use of locally produced materials and more.   View project    View publications 

27/06/2012 | New Blog - Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Design   

The new blog publishes the seminar works of the students that participated in the course for green building graduate studies at the Technion on winter 2011-2012. Among the topics are: Wind Energy, Converting Abandoned Buildings, Public Spaces in Arid Zones and etc.   more Information. 

04/06/2012 | Green Building in Israel Conference : A lecture by Tagit Klimor   

The “Green Building in Israel” Conference will present the green master plan for Israel. The lecture will raise the topic of the local authority as a leader for a change.

4.6.12 Congress center, pavilion 10, 12:00
View Invitation.

31/05/2012 | kkarc on facebook   

You can catch up on kkarc’s news, events and new projects on facebook!

kkarc on facebook. 

17/05/2012 | Architect Day: A lecture by David Knafo   

David Knafo will lecture at the Architect Day- International Conference. The lecture topics distressed neighborhoods renewal as a generator to sustainable development.

17.5.12, NaLaga’at Center, Jaffa, 11:15.

View conference schedule. 

02/04/2012 | New Blog - Haifa downtown waterfront - Urban renewal   

The new blog presents students projects from a special studio held by Tagit Klimor in Vizo Academic Center: “Haifa Downtown Waterfront - Urban Renewal”. The studio focuses on the unfulfilled potential of Haifa’s waterfront and the projects are based on the suggested submerged railways tunnel that has been partly approved.
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30/03/2012 | Earth Echoes   

Tagit Klimor will present her installation “Depletion” in a group exhibition which focuses on earth's natural resources and their use by humans. The installation, made out of broken ceramics tiles, draws the tension resulted by the absence of the ground, caused by an unsustainable development of high-density city.
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  View Installation  View project 

11/03/2012 | Education Committee- A New Learning Space   

Tagit Klimor will lecture and guide a tour in Hod Hasharon elementary school designed by Knafo Klimor. The lecture will present new designs for contemporary learning and education spaces.
View Presentation.
  View Project. 

27/02/2012 | Climate Change Conference, Technion, IIT   

Towards a new policy for green building and climate change in Israel - a conference held in the Technion will attempt to draw a new outline of the topic.
View Presentation.
  View conference’s summary. 

23/02/2012 | Israel Planners Association   

David Knafo will lecture at “Israel Planners Association” convention. The lecture topics distressed neighborhoods renewal as a generator to sustainable development. 23.02. Churchill Hall, the Technion, 15:00
View schedule.

23/02/2012 | Israel Planners Association   

Tagit Klimor will lecture at “Israel Planners Association” convention. The lecture raises the potential of mix use in urban infrastructures. 23.02. Churchill Hall, The Technion, 15:00.
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