31/12/2011 | Tagit Klimor's Art Installations Website   

A new website presenting Tagit Klimor’s most significant art works. For further information visit: www.tagitklimor.com
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31/12/2011 | Academic Campus Ashdod   

KK’s proposal for Ashdod Academic Campus won the first prize in a competition held by Ashdod Municipality.
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30/12/2011 | Haifa waterfront: variety as an Opportunity for Change   

Tagit Klimor is invited to lecture at "Haifa Waterfront" convention. The lecture discusses the unfulfilled potential of Haifa varied water front. The lecture is a part of the Exhibition of Architecture Graduates of the Technion. 30.12, 61 Ha'Namal st. 11:00, Haifa Port
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  Haifa Waterfront presentation. 

29/12/2011 | | Local Authorities as a Leadership for Sustainable Development   

Tagit Klimor conducts a discussion regarding "The role of local Authorities in promoting Sustainable Devlopment " in Ot HaItzuv conference "Design Award for Urban Planning". 29.12, The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center,11:00, Tel Aviv.
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29/11/2011 | Between Periphery and Center - Towards Sustainable Urban Design   

David Knafo will lecture at the Ashkelon Merhav Conference. What is the cultural, community and ecological character of the global city? What is the essence of the community identity in the new global city? The lecture will focus on these valuable questions and propose new urban approaches as alternatives to the massive increase in the global city. On November 29th, 14:00, Ashkelon
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07/11/2011 | Blog - Sustainable Architecture – Towards a Holistic Approach   

The new blog publishes the seminar works of the students that participated in the course for green building graduate studies at the Technion on winter 2010-2011. The works reflect various aspects and scale of sustainable architecture. Among the topics are: urban acupuncture, Aesthetics of green Architecture, Resilience and sustainable cities , Water Resources Planning and etc.
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09/2011 | Agro Housing – Carrot City   

The Agro-Housing project was featured in the book “Carrot City- Creating Places for Urban Agriculture”. Carrot City presents strategies for reintroducing urban agriculture to our cities. Agro-Housing will be shown as a case study in the Carrot City exhibits that are to be shown in a number of cities around the world.
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03/11/2011 | Geology of Design - Rereading Twilight Zone   

Tagit Klimor is invited to lecture at Ariel University Center. The lecture discusses the problem of Rapid urbanization, These changes of Rapid urbanization require redefinition of tectonic layers of design segments, while introducing radical reforms regarding sustainability.On November 3rd, 14:00, Ariel University Center
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17/09/2011 | Depletion. Installation 2011   

Tagit Klimor will present her installation in a group exhibition. The installation represents a high density city silhouette risesing from the sand. Depletion reflecting the absence caused by abuse of natural resources. The exhibition will open on September 17th 19:30, Meirov Art Gallery, Harzfeld 31, Holon.
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31/08/2011 | Hod Ha'Sharon Elementary School at Xnet   

A new article by Michael Jacobson was published in Xnet architecture. The article is a part of a series of articles dealing with architecture of schools and the education system in Israel.The article presents Hod Ha’Sharon elementary school designed by Knafo-klimor architects.
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25/08/2011 | Fcity installation 2011   

Tagit Klimor will present her solo exhibition – Fcity . The installation deals with the role of the net in redefining the dimensions of time and space and our changing and undefined position relating to them. The exhibition will open on August 25th 19:30 and will be held until September 17th, Zaritsky Artists House, Alharizi 9, Tel Aviv, Israel,
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19/05/2011 | Ot Haitzuv 2011 Winner   

Carmel Academic Center was announced a winner of Ot Haitzuv 2011 Award by Domus Israel for outstanding educational architectural design.
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15/05/2011 | Typology of the Public Place in the Kibbutz   

Tagit Klimor Research thesis "Typology of the Public Place in the Kibbutz" is now online.
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4/5/2011  |  Blurring Boundaries -The Globalization Effect

Knafo Klimor will present their works: "Agro Housing", Whuan, China and “The Israeli Embassy in Paris” in the exhibition :”Blurring Boundaries -The Globalization Effect”, organized by the Israeli Architects Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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4/5/2011  |  Merhav 2010 Exhibition- The right way?

Knafo Klimor’s work: “Carmel Academic Center” was selected to be displayed in an exhibition: “Merhav 2010” organized by the Architects Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  
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5/5/2011  |  An International Conference – Redefining the Urbanity Towards 2050

David Knafo will present his lecture “New Strategy for a Sustainable Mega City”. The lecture will discuss new perception for the development of the Mega City in an era of globalization and multi cultural communities.

15/2/2011  | Beer-Sheva Conference for the Wellbeing of Children

Tagit Klimor will lecture at the Beer-Sheva Conference for the Wellbeing of Children. The tenth annual conference, organized by the National Council for the Child will be held in Beersheva University. The lecture will discuss the future of education as a mean to advance sustainable planning.