30/11/2010  |  An International conference "Green Retrofit"

David Knafo conducts a discussion in an International conference "Green Retrofit" – renewal of existing buildings and Neighborhoods. The conference organized by "Bait Vanoi" in collaboration with Israel Green Building Council will take place at "Avenue" in Airport City.

25/11/2010  |  Jerusalem Urban Installations- Tzahal City Square

Knafo Klimor’s installation " Free Spirit" received Honorable mention, in a competition organized by Jerusalem Development Authority and Israeli Architects Association. The square, located between the old city and the new city is a meeting place, a point reflecting an unresolved cultural and political conflict. It is a place loaded with multi-cultural experience looking for a spirit of freedom, reconciliation and brotherhood. View installation

10/10/2010  |  New Blog - Sustainable Architecture – Towards a Holistic Approach

The new blog publishes the seminar works of the students that participated in the course for green building graduate studies at the Technion on winter 2009-2010. The works reflect various aspects and scale of sustainable architecture. Among the topics are: density, urban regeneration, urban agriculture, water purification, computer tools, rating systems, brownfields strategy and etc.  more information  

01/08/2010  |  Bridging Ecology and Technology

Tagit Klimor will teach a new course for green building graduate studies at the Technion. The course will explore theoretical and practical approaches to planning, providing the tools which are the basis of architectural solutions in the implementation of green design. The emphasis is on integrating urban planning, open spaces and building design as one complete system for the examination of future sustainable environment. more information  

25/07/2010  |  Ecoweek 2010 - Ashdod Visitor Center presentation

David Knafo presents the Ashdod Visitor Center at the Israel and West Bank Ecoweek conference. The center will be the first public building that will meet the LEED Gold standard for its high sustainability quality, and will provide for itself a majority of the necessary energy by solar and geothermal systems. In addition an inner atrium was designed to enhance natural ventilation.  more information   view project

17/07/2010  | "The Visible and Invisible City" @ Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv

Knafo Klimor will suggest a transformation of the Habima project. The video work challenges the presence of environmentally inappropriate structures and the architectural potential of the development of the underground level as a part of the vision of urban sustainability. The group exhibition at the Gross Gallery is open July 17 through August 16.  more information  play video

26/05/2010  | Ot Haitzuv 2010

KK 's housing perspective will be explored at the Israeli architecture & design conference. The event will take place at the Frederic R. Mann Auditorium Mediatheque, Tel Aviv, on Thursday, May 27th, 2010.  David Knafo will lead a panel discussion regarding urban renewal in Tel-Aviv. The panel will include Tagit Klimor's lecture  "white city | Black city | green city".   Play Video

09/05/2010  | Architecture Of necessity  2010

Knafo Klimor will present their work "Agro-Housing" in the WOOD 2010 exhibition: "Architecture of Necessity", in the Virserum Art Museum, Sweden. The exhibition will open on May 9th and will be held till September 19th , then will go on tour in Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.  more information

25/03/2010  |   Dwelling Fragments 2010

Knafo Klimor will present their  summer pavilion "Dwelling Fragments - A Pathway to Urban Ecology" in The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan. The installation proposes a fresh thinking of re-designing the nature of dwelling in an urban environment. The exhibition will open on March 25th and will be held for a period of 3 months at Beit Cahana 147 Aba Hillel St., Ramat Gan . Download poster    Play Video

27/02/2009  |   Architecture| Femininity | Multidisciplinary Professionalism

Tagit Klimor will participate at the Holon International Architecture Symposium about femininity as an advantage in an era of multidisciplinary professionalism. The event will take place at the Mediatheque, 6 Golda Meir st., Holon, on Thursday, March 4th, 2010.  More information   

18/02/2010  |   The first Haifa Mediterranean Biennale of contemporary art

The biennale will be held in downtown Haifa, presenting the work of 35 world known artists and architects including kkarc's most recent thoughts regarding housing and agriculture. The biennale will open on February 19th 2010 and will be held for a period of two months.  Play Video

18/02/2010  |   Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference 2010

David Knafo will lecture about Sustainable Architecture and Renewable Energy.The lecture will take place at the Dan hotel , Eilat on February 18th , 2010. More information