24/11/2009   |   The 6th national conference on construction & infrastructure

David Knafo will lecture about "The Active Building Between Nature and Technology". The lecture will take place at the Avenue convention & events center , Lod on November 24th, 10:45.
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18/11/2009   |   Grassroots Education For Sustainability

Tagit Klimor will lecture at the Architecture and town planning faculty, Technion institute of technology. The lecture will discuss the future of education as a mean to advance sustainable planning. The lecture will be held on Wednesday, November 18th, 12:30.

05/11/2009   |   Houses Of Steel book published - Agro Housing

A commemorative book documenting 48 award winning designs from Living Steel's International Architecture competitions for sustainable steel homes, including the Agro Housing project by kkarc. Agro-housing, the winning design for construction in China, blends urban and rural living by creating vertical greenhouse space within high-rise apartments.   Download Pdf      More information

Winter 2009-2010   |   Sustainable Architecture Towards a Holistic Approach

Tagit Klimor will teach a new course for green building graduate studies at the Technion. The course will explore theoretical and practical approaches to planning, providing tools which are the basis of architectural solutions in the implementation of green design. The emphasis is on integrating urban planning, open spaces and building design as one complete system for the examination of future sustainable environment.
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22/09/2009   |   Eco H, Green in Caesarea

KK's Eco H - a sustainable single family housing project, will be unveiled at the "Green Design - A New Way Of Living" event hosted by The Caesarea Foundation Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild. The project was planned as part of the new golf neighborhood in Caesarea.
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01/09/2009   |   Man, Culture, Environment

Essay written by David Knafo presenting KK's sustainable approach, was published on the September 2009 issue of Domus Israel magazine.
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22/07/2009   |   Most Influential Architects Award- Binyan Vediyur

Ruppin Academic Library & Memorial located in Eemek Hefer, Israel selected by Binyan Vediyur as most influential public project for the year 2009. The planning principle  strengthens the existing regional architectural tradition, a starting point for promoting the global movement of creating a sustainable architectural environment.
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22/07/2009   |   Sustainable Architecture Conference

Tagit Klimor will lecture at the Teddy Kollek Hall, Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies Center for Science Education. The lecture: "Country, City, Living Creature, Vegetation- Sustainability as a whole", will be held on Wednesday, July 22nd, 9:15, 20 Radak st. , Jerusalem.  More information

04/06/2009   |   "Project Of The Year" Exhibition

"Scroll Of Light" Synagogue, Caesarea, Israel, won the year award 2008 by "Architecture Of Israel" (AI). The project will be presented at the Zezeze gallery, Tel Aviv port, starting Thursday, 4 June 2009, 20:00.

Download digital catalog.  Further information: http://www.zearchitecture.com

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07/05/2009  |  "Here And Now" Exhibition And Panel Discussion

KK 's leading projects will be explored at the Israeli architecture & design conference. David Knafo will lead an ecological building panel discussion in the conference organized in collaboration with Domus magazine. http://www.israelidesign.org.il/

20/04/2009   |  World Architecture Community Award
 Highway Habitat Project selected for WA Awards, Third cycle March 2009. The project proposes a built mass which connects both parts of the city, providing  a system of green spaces for the inhabitants, public facilities combined with habitation, workspaces and areas for commerce and leisure.   More information

27/03/2009  |  "Eco-City"

David Knafo will lecture about the ecological city. The lecture will take place at the "Urbanism" conference held within the "Architect's Day" events.

Further information: http://www.isra-arch.org.il

18/03/2009  |  "Elements of Green Architecture: The new PSES green building"

KK's proposal for Porter School of Environmental Studies will be presented at a seminar in Tel-Aviv university on Wednesday, March 18th 2009 at 20:00. View project

17/03/2009  |   "Cultural Ecology"
Tagit Klimor will lecture at Hemda Center for Science Education The lecture: "Cultural Ecology - An Approach to Sustainable Environments", will be held on Tuesday, March 17th, 19:00, 7 Hapardes st. , Tel-Aviv.

27/02/2009  |   "Urbanism and Sustainability"
Tagit Klimor will speak at the Holon International Architecture Symposium. The event will take place at the Mediatheque, 6 Golda Meir st., Holon, on Friday, February 27th, 2009.  More information

17/02/2009  |   Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference 2009
David Knafo will lecture about Sustainable Architecture and Renewable Energy.
The lecture will take place at the Herods hotel , Eilat on February 17th , 2009.
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