09/11/2008   |  Porter School of Environmental Studies - PSES

kkarc's design for PSES won 2nd prize in a competition held by Tel Aviv University. The building is designed to maximize day lighting, reduce water consumption. It has a Thermo-solar energy system that will save about 80% of conventional electric power., a vegetal screen filter, maximum flexibility and great tolerance for interior future changes.  More information 

24/09/2008   |   Dwelling in Green -Towards a sustainable regionalism

An exhibition displaying kkarc's sustainable dwelling projects will be held on September 24th at the ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery, Hangar 12 Tel Aviv Harbor, Israel.

View images from the exhibition.

05/09/2008   |   Expo 2010 finalists

Expo 2010 Shanghai, China will explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century focusing on innovation and interaction giving an opportunity for cross-culture dialogues. Kkarc's design proposal for the  Israeli pavilion presents the accomplishments of the State of Israel in the fields of science & technology, economy, man and the environment, art and culture. View project